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Penny Harvest

This year we will be working with the charitable organization See Kids Dream to implement the service learning program Penny Harvest. The Penny Harvest service-learning program empowers young people (students K - 8th grade) to achieve their own potential, while creating positive outcomes for both themselves and our community at large. The program helps students take what they learn in a classroom and apply it to real world situations. It was developed by Common Cents in New York City. It was developed in response to one father’s dilemma about how to respond to his four-year-old daughter’s wish to comfort a homeless man in 1991. Teddy Gross’s quest to provide a meaningful way for his daughter Nora, to help that man gave birth to a program that now provides all children a way to help. Research conducted by Columbia University shows that students who participate demonstrate:
  •    Increased in self esteem
  • Increased interest and effort toward academics
  • Improved communication and leadership skills
  • Improved decision making and problem solving
  • A greater sense of responsibility to peers, adults and community
  • Improved ability to work with others
See Kids Dream is bringing this unique service learning program to Columbus through a partnership with its developers, Common Cents a not for profit agency based in New York. Common Cents has been successfully running the program for over 20 years and last year nearly 1,000 schools nationwide participated in the Penny Harvest program. The Penny Harvest shows young people they have the ability to make the world a better place. It introduces them to the power of philanthropy and service during their formative years. As children help others, they develop their generosity and moral character, and they learn through practice the skills and responsibilities of democratic participation.

Click here to visit the See Kids Dream website to learn how you can help us successfully implement Penny Harvest at Woodcrest.
Principal - Brianne Pannell
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