Elementary School
The Year Round Schedule
Year round schools are based on a schedule that has school throughout most of the calendar year. Year round schedules deliver the same amount of total days of classroom education and vacation as traditional calendars. The days are simply distributed differently throughout the year. Students enrolled in year round classes often claim that their schedule is more balanced and advocates claim that the year round calendar helps students achieve higher and allows teachers to provide more effective education. One of the goals of the year round calendar is to limit the amount of time that students are out of school during summer break. A supposed benefit of year round calendars is that the calendar does away with the slowdown or loss of learning that students commonly experience over the summer. The premise is to shorten the summer break while offering short breaks between each grading period. During these breaks, referred to as Intersession, students have the option to attend school for a 1-2 week period during which they receive a full day of instruction and are provided full meal and transportation services. Intersessions occur after each grading period and provide enrichment or intervention to grade levels that attend. Class size for intersession is approximately fifteen students to maximize the learning environment.
Principal - Brianne Pannell
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